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What happens when I join
the ARresearch registry?

ARresearch Stars!

You’ll find stories of research volunteers, including healthy volunteers, right here. In the story below, Ken Wolfe found the care he needed and a drug that saved his life.

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“I wanted to help researchers find the best treatments for melanoma.”
Ken Wolfe, of Jacksonville, Ark., UAMS Research Participant


whathappensBy filling out the brief registry form, you give UAMS permission to contact you when research studies are enrolling volunteers to participate. The information from your form will be part of a secure database at UAMS to help match your preferences with research studies. If you are identified as a possible match for a study, you will first be asked if you would like to participate. You are under no obligation to volunteer and you may withdraw from the registry at any time.

A note about privacy
The information you provide on the form and your participation in any study will remain private and secure as required by federal HIPAA regulations. Your participation is completely voluntary and confidential. UAMS takes many precautions to make sure that your information stays private. We follow the federal government’s many regulations and policies to protect the rights and safety of all research participants. Before taking part in any study, you’ll get complete information about the research. You may choose not to participate in a study and may leave any study at any time and for any reason.